At Champion we believe in continuous learning and updation of skills. Regular training programmes are held throughout the year for both workers and staff. These involve both classroom and on shop training. Technical areas covered are SOP’s, Work Instructions, Welding parameters and defects, Machinery Maintenance, Inspection and Inhouse rejection handling. Other areas include HR Procedures, Job Descriptions, Safety in the shop and the use of PPE, Energy Saving and Waste Disposal.


Our DNA is Teamwork and strength is employee participation. Workers and staff form part of Enterprise Improvement Teams (EIT’s) that meet once a week to discuss the progress of various improvement projects and activities. As a result in the year 2013 more than 50 improvement projects were completed. New teams are formed every 6 months to give everyone a fair chance.


With the direct involvement of the top management in all improvement initiatives we are always hungry for new projects some of which are suggested by the workers through the Employee Suggestion Scheme.


We believe its not work if its not safe. Taking a preventive approach we regularly conduct safety audits to identify risks to workers health and eliminate them. In case the risk is inherent to the type of work being done suitable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and training is provided for its use.
Regular health checkups by qualified doctors are a norm and all injuries are closely monitored.

Environmental Responsibility

Champion is a water positive plant i.e. through the rain water harvesting more is added to the Groundwater than used in the company. Green areas are maintained and are often used for company picnics and lunches.

Company Brief

The Company Has The Distinction Of Delivering Quality Products To Its Customers Since Last 42 Years.

Champion Components Pvt. Ltd. Has Been Awarded The MSME NATIONAL AWARD (FIRST PRIZE) For Implementing lean Manufacturing Techniques In The Company.